Sunday, December 6, 2009

Assignment 2: Other Ideas

This is my last blog entry prior to the difficult task of selecting the final images for my submission.  In preparing for assignment 2 my first decision was to produce four separate groups of images, each quartet displaying the 4 different colour combinations, but in each case based around a common theme.

So far I have made fairly detailed blog entries around 5 themes:


My first choice will be which to reject, all have required many hours of preparation, activity, and processing; however, these were not the only ideas I had, in this blog entry I want to briefly document some of the other ideas.  I did not develop any of these as far, however, when first approaching them they were as much a candidate as the other 5 .


I have always enjoyed still life photography and much of my house is decorated with photographs of roses and tulips from earlier attempts at still life.  I went to a local florist and purchased 20 euros of cut flowers in all the primary and secondary colours I could find.  The quartet below is a sample of images that met the 4 criteria.

In the end I decided not to pursue this; it was too much familiar ground and whilst I would have enjoyed the work and humbly think I could have created some good images, it would have led to less development on my part.

Stained Glass

Although Munich's church's do not have much stained glass, some exists and I thought this would provide a very colorful and intriguing study.  In the end I did not pursue this one as I had already developed the Church images quite a log way and planned to use a single piece of stained glass.  In any case here is a quartet from some medieval glass preserved in the Bavarian State Museum

The contrasts were also a bit of a stretch in this sequence


In assignment 1 I used some colorful graffiti as a subject and had an idea to revisit it in this assignment, ultimately I ran out of time to develop this too far - one challenge of this assignment is that it is effectively without end, newer, better image ideas can always be found.  This is a very rough test sheet that I prepared with photos of graffiti a couple of blocks from where I live.


A couple of weeks ago I noticed that many of the trees, now bare of leaves, still had berries and in many different colours.  Simply for fun I took a bunch of images using berries to illustrate the contrasts - I never had an intent to proceed with this, but working on the assignment was leading me to look for quartets of colour combinations

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  1. Wow, your all ideas over this assignment work is superb and interesting. Last four Berries photos are very good..