Saturday, February 6, 2010

Assignment 3: Rejected Images

Unlike Assignment 2, I did not blog very much of the process of deciding upon a theme for this assignment.  However, I did spend around 4 weeks, shooting, editing, selecting, and ultimately rejecting.  Many of the images in the final submission were re-shot several times and there were many images that nearly made it but were ultimately rejected.  A major constraint in the selection is the requirement to mount the images as pairs on a sheet of A4 card.  This has two implications, first both images must be in the same orientation, secondly as the images will be seen together I feel they should compliment each other. In this post I want to post some of those images and comment on why I did not use them.

First of all the early morning and evening shots.  I started with the following image as a basis for this pair:

Whilst I liked the colour in the sky, I felt that the foreground was too cluttered and replaced this with the silhouette that I finally used.  I had a number of other landscape shots that would have accompanied this:

I liked the highlight created by the car headlights, but the orange caste of the sky was too much.


I also thought to pair this image with the silhouette, but selected one with a cyclist in the right side and then cropped to a vertical orientation.  Another idea I had was to do a Winter and Autumn pair using the following image

The small figures in the foreground add scale to the images.  Ultimately I rejected the Winter/Autumn idea as I am committed to producing new material for each assignment and not using my back catalog.

Another idea I had was to do this assignment as a series of winter images, each showing people either enjoying or enduring the weather.  The following 3 images were part of this concept

However, the brief for the assignment very strongly suggested a mix of material, lighting, etc. so I used some winter scenes, but not for all of the images.

The next 3 images were alternates for the evening shots, simply rejected as I felt the others were better:

I went for more local images for the assignment, but was quite pleased with these, all taken with long exposures on a tripod with a 24mm tilt-shift lens.

A completely different subject idea could have been modern architecture, both details and wide angles of the buildings.  The following sequence, all of the HypoVereins Bank headquarters, just a couple of 100 meters from where I live.

Was a close call, but I decided to include more variety and could not decide on which image to use.

Another theme that was included in the final set was local apartment buildings.  The images I selected were very colourful, I did have a few alternates that worked better with a winter theme

The last two were also part of the work up for the tower block that I included in the submission.  Another thought was to include some of the local wildlife:

The next two images were part of the selection for the subway photograph used.  The first was a grab shot with my G11 as 3 separate trains all stopped at the same time.  Compositionally this is better than the selected image, but the noise from the ISO 800 was higher than I was happy with

The second image was taken from lower down in the station as two trains came into the station

I preferred the higher vantage point and the strong diagonals that it created, although the above picture has a more human scale

My final group of images here were ideas for the market.  The first two are close ups of market shops, I felt that I wanted a broader view

The market image that I finally used was a version of the following two images

In the submitted image I used a crop of the second image cutting out more of the sky.  The first image contains more detail, but the shops do not appear as warm.

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