Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project 62 - The Photographs

Going through the many 1000's of photos that I have taken at the Oktoberfest over the years, I have chosen 15 that I think illustrate well the many aspects of the event and could be combined to form a narrative

First of all I start with the parade and a candid shot of a pair of soldiers waiting to march

Also waiting for the starting gun are the heavy horses that will pull the drays

Many of the drays have space for guests

But more traditionally it is the waitresses who will spend the next two weeks serving at the Fest that ride on the drays

From the many small towns and villages of Bavaria marching bands come to take part in the parade

Once at the Wiesn the sheer size and scope of it is huge

Fair ground rides colour the night sky

However, the real action takes place inside the huge tents

Where after a few beers the action gets going

Although for some it can get a bit much

Fueling this level of drunkenness requires a lot of glasses

and if people are wise much food

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