Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project 65

Concepts and Symbols


  • Plant Shoot: Photograph a shoot just breaking through the earth, accentuating the green coloring to emphasize new growth
  • Two Siblings: Standing side by side with their backs against a wall two similarly dressed siblings of the same sex, but very differing heights would suggest growth.  The shot should be as simple as possible making the difference in growth the key point in the image
  • Skyscraper: Shot from the very bottom directly upwards a tall building can suggest growth
  • Cup or Glass: Filling a cup or glass until it visibly overflows.  This would require careful lighting
  • Pile of Money or Jewelry: Still life composition isolating the subject against a black background
  • Bottles: The excess of drinking could be suggested by arranging several empty booze bottles preferably in a gutter
  • Car: In these times, a shot of an expensive luxury car in front of a bank would work.  A forced perspective using a wide angle at very close range to over emphasize the size of the car would accentuate the effect
  • Broken Window: Shot late in the day or in very low light, a broken window suggests evidence of crime
  • Barred Window: Positioning a person in orange clothing looking disconsolately through the bars would suggest the consequence of crime
  • Handcuffs: Simply arranged with a black background
  • Police: Taking care not to fall foul of any new laws constraining freedom to photograph, an image of a policeman walking the beat suggests crime, although this may be better for security from crime
  • Nuns/monks: An image of a Nuns or Monks walking in a cloister
  • Library: An image of people studying in a library
  • Speak no evil: A simple portrait of someone standing face on to the camera with their hand over their mouth
  • Bell: Somewhat comprised, but a photo from below a bell, but with the clapper wrapped in cotton wool suggests silence
  • Down and Out: The simplest shot would be of someone sleeping rough or begging - preferably looking disheveled.  Would be careful to ask and offer the price of a cup of tea for their help.
  • Derelict Housing: or even poor quality social housing.  A shot of a house with furniture on the front lawn is a common American symbol of poverty - tricky to find and care needed
  • Documents: A P45 or Pink slip convey impending poverty - still life
  • Piggy Bank: A smashed piggy bank with a few coins next to it - still life

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