Saturday, January 23, 2010

Assignment 2: Tutor Response

In this blog entry I wish to respond to my tutors recommendations on Assignment 2 and explore some alternate ideas or images that might have worked better.  Rather than consider all 16 images I will just comment on those that did not meet the brief or where improvements have been suggested.


In this group my colour accent image was confusing with the leaves on either side of the frame creating confusion.

My original intent had been to create an image with a single leaf, emphasizing the end of Autumn, but, was unable to find a good candidate and time eventually became an issue.  The following image was under consideration, but I felt it was too weak, in retrospect I think this would have worked better


The candle image was my proposal for similar colours, my tutor felt that the candles appear more red than orange and thus the relationship is lost

I think this is a marginal call, I understand the point, but feel there is enough red in the image.  During the shooting for this set I was trying to focus on detail, so rejected a number of images that could also have worked, but were much larger scale and so did not work so well as a group.  The following is also an example of similar colours - it is a chapel below the main alter of Munich Cathedral in which the remains of the bishops of Munich are interred.

In this image all of the colours are shades of yellow through to brown (effectively a dark yellow/orange).  I think this is a stronger image than the one i submitted, but did not work as well within the group.  Another alternate was the following again emphasizing yellows and browns.

 A final image that also would have worked, but was rejected as I wanted a closer focus

Colour accent seems to be my main perceptual problem with this assignment.  I was thinking more in terms of % fill in the frame rather than using the colour as a point in the frame to drive motion.  The following image would have worked better as a colour contrast

I struggled in the church to find a striking colour accent separated from other similar colours, hence the rather poor choice.  Exiting the church and shooting details of the external architecture, I shot the following

The gold sphere acts as an accent, but I felt the image was not terribly interesting at the time, still don't.


The key issue here as once again colour accent

If there had only been one yellow ball in the frame the accent would have been more pronounced.  Once again I was thinking that accent is defined in % of frame terms, rather than acting as a focal point driving movement within the image.  Replacing the Green ball at the front of the frame would have created greater focus on the single yellow ball at the back and drawn the eye through the image.


The primary problem with these images was colour management, unfortunately my pallet was very much controlled by the light produced by the light sticks and sometimes, the colour contrasts were not quite as strong as they could have been.  I did understand this at the time and new that this was slightly risky, but felt that the unusual nature of the images would make up for this somewhat.

Finally I would like to thank my tutor for her frank and useful feedback, the learning curve is steep but fun!

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