Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 38

I started work on this project last October, anticipating the poor weather of the winter, hence my primary chart of aperture versus time is from then.  However, another clear day appeared in mid-December enabling me to produce a pair of charts and directly compare the change with the season.

For the October data, measurement was made with an in camera meter and a grey card, by December I had invested in a hand held meter and was able to make incident light readings.  In each case I set the meters for ISO 100 and 1/125s

My observations are:

  1. The light changes very quickly at the start and end of the day (I just completed the twilight and sunset project photography (46/47) and discovered how quickly one must work to capture the changes in light.
  2. The winter sun was less than half as bright as the Autumn Sun
  3. The indoor ambient light (also from December) at f/0.8 is many times lower than the daylight outside, although this must be impacted by the window size and external reflections from buildings
  4. If I repeat this in summer or further south close to the equator the aperture will narrow even further for an ideal exposure.  I have a trip to Indonesia in 2 months and will test that then.

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