Saturday, November 7, 2009

Assignment 2: Church

Another concept I am currently working with is to use a building as a subject for a quartet of images, first thought is a church, but this is not the final choice at present.  Today I spent an hour or so studying the detail and colour possibilities in the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Ghost), one of Munichs oldest buildings dating back to the 14th century.

This church also has the advantage of being adjacent to the city market and so was a first stop before I headed into the market to explore the possibilities for colour combinations their.  Two essential opportunities arise for photography, inside and outside the church, in the following images I have used both.  I am keen for colour to dominate and so where possible I am trying to use fairly abstract compositions.  One hope I had was to explore any stained glass, however, there was none.  So far I have not seen much stained glass in Munich's church's, I am not sure why, although I suspect it was all blown out by the bombing at the end of the second world war and not replaced.

Here are some exploratory images, just ideas at present

Complementary Colours

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

Similar Colours



Yellows and Browns

Yellow and Green (This church used a lot of pastel colours)

Contrasting Colours

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

Yellow and Blue

Colour Accent

So far I cannot say I am too happy with this group of images, the idea needs development, the colours available in this church were too muted.  I also used a 200mm tele for all the images, to force me to look for detail, but this was rather limiting and lack of IS inside a dark chruch was a challenge

Here is the an example combination of images

Much work to do on this one!!!

Other possible buildings include:

  • The museum of modern art and design, plenty of material to work with there
  • The BMW museum, famous for its unique architecture and wonderful race car collection - once again very colorful
  • The Munich Tram museum - quaint
  • The main railway station

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