Friday, November 13, 2009

Project 35

Commencing with Red and Green, the richest location for finding combinations proved to be the city market, a location rapidly becoming my favorite for sourcing good subject matter.  The following image balances the red and green chilli peppers in 4 separate groups but delivers a close to 50:50 split of colour

In the next image the proportion is not quite so well balanced, however, the green stalks still attached to the tomatoes spreads the green colour across the image as does the green basket, although the blue basket containing the cucumbers clashes and reduces the purity of the image.

The final image with a red green balance is a staged still life detail shot.  Here the green is very pale, almost yellow, and I have made no attempt to balance the frame to a 50:50 ratio between the colours.

Finding subjects with an Orange:Blue combination was simple at this time of year, orange leaves against the blue sky proving an almost irresistible colour combination:

This image is not in the pure combination of 1:2, more likely 1:5, but is a good example of the harmony these two colours seem to create.  A more accurate 1:2 split can be obtained superimposing the terracotta roofing slates typical of Munich against a bright blue sky.  The following image follows rules of thirds almost exactly in the 1:2 split

This image is, however, rather dull, the next two images use the same basic subject matter for more interesting effect.  The first is a roof/sky combination shot through a church window

The second places the roofs in the context of the cityscape

This was shot from the top of the Alte Peter church's spire, a great vantage point to take panoramic shots of Munich, but only on a clear day.  It is also quite a walk up very narrow and sometimes rickety steps, quite safe, but not for the nervous minded.

Finding yellow and violet subject matter was difficult, violet is simply a rare colour, both naturally and artificially.  Once again my two images come from the market, where I was able to find a couple o0f good subjects, although I am quite loosely interpreting the colour violet.

These two images also use colour quite differently, the first use large blocks of colour, whilst in the second the yellow is present in small splashes in the straws and wooden blocks.

My final image returns to Orange:Blue and is a reversal of the suggested proportions, with the orange dominating, however, I still find this to be harmonious.

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