Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 31

As I approached the end of the chapter on the "Elements of Design", Autumn began to flood the city with its colour.  I wanted to chronicle the colours as they emerged and changed with time, both as one of my elements for Assignment 2, but also to create a palette of natural colours and if possible represent all of the 12 principal hues of the colour wheel using naturally found subjects. 

For the last 4 weeks I have been gathering images of different colours, from which I have selected 36 and attempted to place them in a spectral sequence.  The colours have a strong yellow element as Yellow Green through to Orange are the most common Hues in the autumnal foliage. However, I was also able to find some quite strong Purples and Reds, plus using the sky to provide the Blues.  The only Hues that were really unavailable were Blue-Green and Violet.  Here are the 36 images printed as a contact sheet

I continue to add further colours to my library, but this has been a fun way to interpret this part of the course and explore natural colours versus collecting paint.

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