Saturday, November 7, 2009

Assignment 2: Glass

This concept is not as well developed as the Autumn work, however, I have assembled the materials that I need and have some initial ideas on the images.  In the Autumn sequence I have used very similar styles of photograph, combining the colours through differing shades of the subjects.  In my Glass sequence I plan to use coloured glass to add or create colour.  For the last week i have been trawling shops looking for small and preferably inexpensive, but very colorful bits of glass.  Most has arrived in the form of colored marbles, some very large and a variety of tea light holders, but I also have bottles and small flower vases.  To this I plan to add some prisms (just happen to have 5 largish prisms) and some small spot lights that I picked up from IKEA.

From a colour perspective I now have almost all of the shades for the colour wheel, yellow and violet were the hardest to find, but picked up some small bottles a tea lights for 10 euros yesterday.  The following picture is a quickly taken shot of the assembled materials and lights sitting on my work bench.

My current plan is to use these items to create compositions in which colour is the dominant experience, shape and texture should be limited to helping to build out the colour composition.  I also want to attempt to photograph light and how different transparent objects influence light, some initial ideas
  1. Using the glass spheres and marbles, light them from below through the translucent bottom of a Tupperware container
  2. Some of the small glass objects throw interesting coloured shadows when illuminated from behind.  I plan to project these onto white felt or card and image the shadow not the glass
  3. Using a long focal length (100mm) macro lens at minimum aperture, catch the corners or overlaps between different coloured glass illuminated from behind using the spot lights - again the colour should be the subject not the shape of the glass container
I will post my first experiments once I have them

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