Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project 36

Now that autumn has finally passed and winter is starting to make its presence felt, warm colours are starting to recede under continually grey skies.  However, on those days when the cloud clears the blue sky makes a great backdrop for photographing the architecture of the city.  The older buildings in Munich typically have 1 of two kinds of roof, terracotta tiles or sheet copper, turned green with age.  Imaging either of these against a blue sky and using a long telephoto makes for great contrast based photos.

First the  warm-cold contrast of the orange tiling against the sky

In the following image I had a high vantage point and so was able to shoot down and capture the reflection of the sky in the glass roof of the Stadtsparkasse Bank, a modern building inserted into an older frame:

On a similar theme the following two photographs superimpose the copper roof of a church spire and a copper coated statue against the sky, creating a combination of cool colours

In both images I have gone for a fairly punchy blue (I like colour), a more muted blue would have emphasized cold better.  For the warm images I moved indoors and shot some photos in Munichs cathedral, the first of candle light reflected on a bronze fitting, the second spot lights shining on a crucifix and illuminating the red brick behind

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  1. This project works and the main first two images are very attractive. Looks like of some antique place picture...