Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Report: Photography and the art of Seeing

I purchased this alongside a number of books from the course reading list.  It was one of those, "if you like this, then try" pages in Amazon.  These days I shy away from "how to" photography books, I have many, and in any case this is what I am learning from the course.  The only exceptions are very specific topics, such as underwater, macro, and recently architectural photography (more on this later).  However, this small book takes a completely different approach, very much focused on the act of photography and how we see the world.  Replacing f-stops and lens selection there are long discussions about relaxation techniques and visualization.  He encourages experimentation and rule breaking. The book is designed to act as a short course to be followed over perhaps a couple of weekends, I might give it a try once I have some free time on a vacation.  In the mean time it has provided much food for thought.

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