Thursday, October 15, 2009

Project 17

This project coincided with a trip home to the UK to spend the weekend with my family.  I kept my camera available all the time and kept in mind the need to find a single point.  The first opportunity was in the airport departing from Munich.  The interior has fairly subdued lightinhg , however, the clocks are very brightly lit, I am assuming to keep peoples mind on the time of departure of their flight.  I wanted to give the time prominence in this shot, but keep well to the side of the frame, providing a sense of the urgency that a clock implies

On arriving home in my parents village, I took a walk down one of the lanes.  Looking back I was first grabbed by the colour of the foliage in the trees, but then realized that the tunnel formed by the trees defined a bright point.  By placing this at the bottom of the frame and to the right it draws the eye through the trees and towards the light creating a sense of movement in the picture:

My third image is taken in a small park in the village where a basket ball court with hoops has been laid out.  Placing the hoop in the top right of the frame emphasizes its height and shows it in the context of the surrounding housing estate.

In the first and third shots the point serves to divide the frame and draw the eye across the image, however, these are both fairly static images.  The second image uses the point to imply movement as the road runs through the circle of light defining the point.

Looking back at the images in Project 16, I have marked the framing for the points:


  1. This is a very static point, simply adding some forground interest to a landscape image
  2. Here the point is dynamic, the leading line created by the football player following the ball creates a sense of movement
  3. The reflection of the setting sun in the side of this water bungalow acts as a framing point 
  4. The boat in this image moves the eye forward towards the volcano in the background
  5. The branch hanging from the top right of the image is a framing device
  6. In this very cluttered image of a WW2 bomber being restored the engine at the fact serves to draw the eye through the composition
  7. The centre of this flower acts as a static reference framing the image into golden section proportions
  8. In this rose the point is the centre of a whirlpool of petals, there is a sense of rotational movement
  9. The seagull flies alone in a flawless sky, only movement exists in this image
  10. In this image the clown fish is pushed to the side of the frame emphasizing its small size and drawing the eye across the texture of the anemone
  11. Here the fish is the sole subject of the image, but is deliberately centred to emphasize its small size
  12. Finally in this image the Bat fish is hanging on the edge of the reef and facing the edge of the frame, imparting a sense of vulnerability through a composition that breaks the rule of providing breathing space to an animal in a frame

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