Thursday, October 15, 2009

Project 16

Some brainstorming on possible types of points:

  • Grave against green grass
  • Solitary fish in the ocean
  • Street Light on a dark night
  • An illuminated window
  • Lone animal in grass land
  • Spot of light filtering through trees in a forest
  • Car on a lonely road
  • Moon in the sky
  • Sun setting
  • Face in a crowd
  • Lone tree/flower against a prairie
  • Point reflection in a snow field
  • Rock on  beach
  • Station Clock
Dipping into my back catalogue to look for points proved more difficult than I expected, single isolated points were quite rare in the shots.  perhaps my tendency is to try and fill the frame with a subject or maybe I am not drawn to scenes with just a single point. However, here are 12 images with a variety of single points, some marginal, but all have a single point of interest:

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