Monday, October 26, 2009

Project 24

Moving to shapes, this project had an odd brief, photograph 2 shapes with simple outlines, seemingly very simple.  Initially I just hunted down a few very simple, circular or rectangular shapes in the two cases below formed by light coming through a window and emphasizing the window outline:

Another shape that I found was the edge of a bench in the park, a classic design object.  In the following image I tired to emphasize the shape of the cast iron frame by using a very shallow depth of field, not entirely sure that this has worked:

Finally my selection of shapes for this particular project has both a simple and complex outline. The statue outside the Max Plank institute has a simple shape - the human face, but represented in what is effectively a physical negative and positive:

Maybe not quite as simple as intended in the brief, but a beautiful use of shape and form in sculpture

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