Friday, October 23, 2009

Project 23

The images in the student guide contain considerable movement in addition to people, so there are implied lines formed by the implied action and the eyelines:

In the first image the lines I can see are curve formed by the swirl of the cape and motion of the bull and then the extended eye line of the bullfighter.  In the second image, once again there is an implied curved line of motion coupled with two eyeline, the farmer and the more prominent horse.

For my own images I selected the following three and then marked them up in a similar way to the ones above

For my own images illustrating implied lines I had two locations in mind.  First of all I needed to get somebody to provide the eye line and my brother together with Ben, his son, were ideal candidates.  Jeremy wanted to take some photos of Ben on his skateboard in the local park and so I tagged along figuring that this would provide a good opportunity.  We spent an hour or so playing and taking photo's, the best one came when Jeremy lifted his camera and Ben hid his face in his hands.  Ben clearly does not like being on the point of a dangerous implied line!

For the image with a series of objects projecting a line I headed to the Norman village church with its lines of ancient grave yards.  What I wanted to convey was a lead line of graves pointing towards the church, but not greatly overlapping with the church and creating a cluttered composition

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