Saturday, October 17, 2009

Project 18

Surprisingly finding two isolated points was very difficult, particularly ones that occur "normally".  Several points or just one point, no problem, but two? I spent many an hour looking for a simple situation!  In the end I opted for the slightly created scene of my two nephews skateboarding in the park and a pair of road signs marking the end of my parents village.

In the image below of my two nephews, Ben on the left is more prominent as we can see his face and he is moving into the frame.  Joe is skating away from the frame and so is less prominent.

In the second image the two road signs are identical and so the one closer to the camera on the right hand side first attracts the eye.  It also blocks the view of where the road leads and so disrupts the composition.

Finally a close up of Joe's eyes provides quite a strange image:

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