Thursday, September 10, 2009

Before the Course - Above Water Images

In my second post looking at a few images from my current portfolio here are some shots taken above water. Again I have chosen these because they appeal to me and reflect the type of photography I have experimented with when not under the ocean
I was very priviliged a couple of years ago to be asked by one of my friends to take photo's at his wedding.  He had a wedding photographer booked, but she was only going to be there at the church.  This was a great opportunity to learn from observing the Pro (and keep out of her way) but also have my own time with the couple.  The photo above is a candid shot of Birgid early in the day at her parents home.  She looks confident, happy, and at this time very much at ease.  Using a 200mm telephoto at f2.8 the shallow depth of field yields a softness and almost 3 dimensional quality
A few hours later the couple emerged into the bright sun of an Austrian summer.  The light trails left by the thrown rice as it caught the light and the sheer joy in their expressions make this a very dynamic shot - lighting could be better, but this scene only existed for a few seconds, not enough time to think too hard
Later in the evening, as the dancing started I experimented with longer exposures coupled with flash. This image is my favorite, it conveys the sense of movement as she dances, with the flash bringing out the strong colours of the dress
This image is one of a series of macro images of flowers I have created over the last few years, primarily to add some colour to the walls of my new house.  With this shot I tried to essence of the sensual shape and colour of a rose, but using a very simple composition 
Shot with a 100mm macro lens and an aperture of f/2.8 this tiny flower revealed tremendous detail and superb colour.  I shot this in-situ on the pathway in front of my house, using a couple of flash guns and a very low level tripod, much to the amusement and interest of the local kids - nice to share your hobby
Close to where I live there is a small roundabout in the midst of one of Munichs main aterial roads.  Every few months the local council replant the center with a variety of flowers, this was the spring collection.  Shooting down created a very dull flat image, so lying on my back and shooting upwards I was able to bring the sky into the picture and created this colourful image, but once again much to the amusement of passers by
Last autumn I wanted to capture the colour and light of the season for a series of images, again to decorate the bare white walls of my house.  This image was taken shooting vertically upward with a zoom lens set to 400mm into the higher branches of a local tree.  The strong sunlight that day has made the leaves glow and really brought out the detail of the leaf structure. 
Almost exactly a year ago I visited by brother in London.  This image was captured during a walk along the southern river bank of the Thames just around the time that the banking system was in freefall.  The contrast of the industrial dereliction with the swagger of the banks on the other side of the river seemed emblemic of the time

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