Monday, September 28, 2009

Project 15

For the final project in "The Frame", I have chosen to dip into my archive and select 3 photo's from a trip to New York last year.  I have been to New York a few times and find that the photo's I take are always very busy, whether at street level or from a remote vantage, and so I always have to crop a little before printing.  I pulled 12 shots over a variety of subjects, worked out crops for all and then selected what I thought were the most interesting.  First of all here are the before and after sheets for each of the images:

When I originally took the photo below I was caught by the striking red colour and layers created by the gradually higher buildings.  I could not frame the building as I wished, not enough focal length, thus cropping was necessary to present the image as I saw it at the time.  The tree and the sky detract from the image and so I have removed most of this, I also wanted to place the red building more centrally to give it greater prominence.

This was a group of South American musicians playing in the Times Square neighbourhood.  By tightening the image there is greater emphasis on the musicians and less on the skyscrapers behind.  I feel this also places them deeper into the urban environment. The foreground is too dark, something that would have been improved by my leaving the sky out in the first place and achieving a better exposure for the main subject of the image.

My final selection was taken from the Staten Island Ferry looking back at the financial district of Manhattan Island.  The initial image is fine, however, there is too much ocean in the foreground, negative space that adds nothing to the composition.  Deciding on whether to crop the sky was harder as it adds colour punch to the image.  However, by reducing the sky I have been able to emphasize the buildings on the right side of the image and provide a panorama style format that suits the New York skyline from this vantage point.

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