Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 11

The 6 images I selected for this project were taken during the past 3 weeks as I wandered around Munich looking for subjects and inspiration.  I have tried to select a variety of subject types with a range of balance challenges from easy to difficult - very subjective process I am afraid.  First of all here are the 6 images prior to any analysis

I printed these in groups of 3 on card and then marked up in red the areas of each image that provide the weights for the balance.  To the right I have sketched how I see the picture balance - fun project!

Image 1: This was a very cluttered image, more or less a grab shot taken as I walked through the Hofgarten.  The question was how to divide the many components, in the end I concluded that the pale building to the left balanced with the trees to the right.

Image 2: OK an easy one, memorial markers on the side of Munich's cathedral formed nice geometric shapes in the image, the large memorial to the left balancing the two smaller to the right

Image 3: At the side of the "Haus der Kunst" art gallery posters announcing a forthcoming exhibition by Ai Weiwei line the fa├žade.  The poster balances against the line of tress to the left

Image 4: I included this as a challenge to myself, how to balance a surfer in a portrait framing.  The shot looks balanced, possibly by the dynamic of the implied movement.  However, by looking at the key interaction points, the hand in the water to the left balances with the surf board to the right.  The surfers body then provides a large central element.  Good implied lines here as well!

Image 5: Another challenge to self. This fish is on a fountain in Munich's central square opposite the town hall and if asked to meet at the fish everyone in Munich knows this is the location.  Here the bulk of the fish is balanced by the detail of the water spout and hand in the bottom right corner of the image.

Image 6: Another very cluttered image taken at Odeons Platz, Munichs central war memorial.  This is the location for a famous image of a young Adolf Hitler celebrating the outbreak of WW1 in 1914. When I took the image I was trying to dramatize the lion, but still include the church in the background.   from a balance point of view the Lion is countered by the bulk of the church.

To finish this project here is my viewpoint on the balance of the images in the course book.

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