Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project 6

For this exercise I had in mind a brightly coloured container on one of the streets in my neighbourhood.  I selected a 70-200mm zoom for the first few shots as this would frame the object well, but enable me to shoot from across the road avoiding the traffic. The first shot taken is very much a grab shot, without any critical thought of the framing.  Approaching closer the second shot fills the frame and starts to reveal that this is not a shipping container but perhaps some sort of temporary building.  The third shot is a detail on the left side of the container, revealing a power connection and the shutters of a window.  The late evening light extended the power conduit further into the frame by means of its shadow.  Finally I drew back and switched to my 24-105mm zoom to enable me to create a wide angle image that reveals the fact that this is the edge of a building site with the scaffolding in the background and pick-up truck in the foreground.  A couple of very suspicious builders kept an eye on me whilst I worked, possibly working a little on the black.
The second shot, filling the image is too crowded and neither provides detail or context and so as a photograph fails to inform the viewer. The detail shot on the other hand has a better composition, the repeating rectangular shapes going from bottom left to top right provide some translational symmetry, with the diagonal shadow falling along the line of the corners of the rectangles. The wide angle shot does not work it is too wide and could be improved by cropping to tighten the image around the container and remove the back of the van, which is already in shadow:
This does not subtract from the message that this is a work place

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