Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 13

Once again I selected 6 images from my travels around Munich - getting a lot of exercise as a result of this course!  In each case I looked to work with the Golden Ratio or Rule of Thirds.  First the images without markup:

In each case I have printed them again and marked up the image with the golden section to show how they conform to that concept

It is definitely the case that the Golden section adds an edge to the shots.  In the case of the top middle image I had an alternate with the statue in the middle of the frame, moving the subject to the right has added interest, but also an area of negative space that pushes the viewers eye towards the eyeline of the statue.

This is an interesting exercise, one I recall from school art courses, but also through the application of the Rule of Thirds in much of my photography.  A question it raises for me, though is the lack of practical application of this ratio in the real world of imaging. In terms of the ratio of sides:

Golden Ratio: 0.62
Rule of Thirds: 0.67
35mm digital image: 0.67
Typical Snapshot Camera or 4/3 format: 0.75
Widescreen TV 16:9: 0.56
My computer screen: 0.67
A4 Paper: 0.71

It seems that 0.67 has become a more common standard, at least for photography, but generally the golden section not used as a standard form factor.  I agree that whilst it does provide a pleasant image, challenging this ratio and creating tension by breaking the rules has its attractions.

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