Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project 1

Project 1: Focal length and Angle of View

I simply headed out the door and looked for an interesting scene that would support the range of focal lengths on my chosen lens (a 24-105mm Zoom).  Each shot was taken from the same position with the central focal point selected and placed on the same light attached to the wall of the middle house.

I printed the images on A4 sheets and then took them outside to compare the field of view with my natural vision.  With the 105mm focal length I could not hold the image far enough away to equate to my natural view.  In contrast the wide angle view at 24mm even at an inch from my face still had a larger field of view.  The 50mm shot placed about 10-12 inches away blended into my view fairly well.

What I did notice with this exercise was that when I took the 50mm shot open both eyes the perspective lines in the viewfinder on the my right eye lined up with the lines seen by my left eye.  My intuition is that 50mm is still a little to long, around 45mm would probably better represent my field of view.

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