Monday, September 14, 2009

Project 2

For the second project I was interested to illustrate the concept of selective focus, but also to find an image with interest.  This brick wall is at the North Eastern corner of the Hofgarten in central Munich.  The Hofgarten was once part of the royal palace of the former King of Bavaria.  The wall is virtually all that remains of an old art gallery that was part of the palace complex and so, I thought, an appropriate place to work on my Art of Photography course. 
The shot was difficult to set up as there was a 20ft drop to the right and my tripod had to be placed with great care, then much adjustment was needed to enable the 3 focus points to clearly differentiate themselves.  I was looking for a framing with the wall more to the right hand side of the frame, but this would have sent my camera down the 20ft.
From a critical perspective I am happy with the sequence, particularly as the image has 3 components that fall into and out of focus, the railings on the left, the brick blocks in the center and the vegetation on the right.  My prefered image is the the left hand shot with the foreground in focus, this has more impact and acts to lead the eye into the photograph.

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